Drum And Bass

Drum And Bass: junglist movement

About the drum and bass

This music was founded in 90s and stays as frontier of electronic music genres through all these decades. Drum and bass origin: jungle, breakbeat, hardcore (the electronic or digital, not the rock music) and dub. These are the main influences back in the days of its founding. Genre evolves, mutates, merges and splits up – lives its own life. As you can see from its name its about drums and bass.

Drums are sound like a syncoped “broken” drum loops that can be super minimal to cosist of kick drum and percussions, to be cuts from recorded drums played on drum set by a real drummer or to be played at drum machines or vst from samples and to have simple 2 step parrter – the most common in this style of music. There are lots of other variations, so i advice you to check the sub genres.

Bass. It can sound very different: live bass, synthetic “deep” long morphing sounds, sampled and re-sampled and reversed noisy sounds that even hard to discribe. The main rule is bass to have love coumpound – the sub bass to have a groove while playing with drums.

Drum and bass have it’s own history for almost 30 years. It have pop starts at the area where it looks and produced likes like pop music to make money and it’s heroes that push the other edges of sound. It all dependos on the goals of people and subgenres they relate to.

Drum And Bass: jungle massive

Drum and bass subgenres

Drum and bass counts numerous quantiny of genres:

  • mainstream (pop)
  • drumstep
  • ragga jungle (ragga drum n bass)
  • hardstep
  • darkstep
  • techstep
  • breakcore
  • neurofunk
  • jump-up
  • atmospheric drum and bass
  • intelligent drum and bass
  • jazzy drum and bass or jazzstep
  • jungle
  • deep drum and bass
  • drumfunk
  • microfunk
  • drill’n’bass
  • experimental drum and bass

All these genres are building it’s own atmosphere, it’s own story about the bass and the drums.

For example mainstream, pop drum and bass or vocal drum n bass are the genre where melody, harmony of chords and vocals (not in the 100% of tracks but in most part of it) are placed infront of simply playing bass and drums. And in case of drill and bass the very complex drum patterns of different breaks change one another and that’s covered with souse of viscous long bass or stabs of sub that plays its own rhythm – reduced melody or harmony or simple atmosphere here takes part only in breakdowns of track.

Listen to drum and bass

Mauoq – Refabricate EP [Mauoq Music]

Mauoq – “Escalate (I Wannabe remix)”

Find more about release here

Kazka – “Свята” (I Wannabe remix)

Drum and bass remix of well-known in Ukraine song “Svyata” by pop band Kazka. Was released at Mamamusic – home label of the band.

Format: single, digital download. Mastering made by Denis@Mastering.LT

Read the article in russian here: Kazka “Свята” (ремикс)

VA – Kosmological Conspiracy LP Sampler 1 [Kos.Mos Music recordings]

Microfunk release cover art

I Wannabe – “Helpless” (whole release preview)

Find more about release here

Sunchase / I Wannabe / Detail — 22:22 007 (Collaboration EP) [22:22]

Best drum and bass: I Wannabe at 22:22 records
Sunchase & I Wannabe – “Slice” (cut from Noisia Radio radioshow by Noisia)

Sunchase & I Wannabe – “Kickserve” (cut from radioshow Luch at Megapolis FM)

Sunchase & I Wannabe – “Top Spin”

Who is I Wannabe?

I Wannabe is drum and bass project name created by Andrey Sirotkin – dj and sound producer from Kyiv, Ukraine. The goal of project is to explore different subgenres and sound of drum and bass music and close genres and give the to listeners different experience and feelings at the dancefloor or while listening at their headphones.

I Wannabe is about drum and bass exploration. It can be crate digging of oldschool jungle or wierd mixture of styles and sounds during track production.

I Wannabe


Andrey Sirotkin was born in 1986 in Kyiv. From young age his life was conneced with music in non professional way. At the age of 14 he had first contact with drum and bass music and since then one part of his music changed to follow this passion of his life. Andrey learns to spin vinyl and produce music.

7 years later Andrey starts his project I Wannabe and comes with first release at darksten and hardstep label. His sounds evolves but not in one specific sub genre, but he follows liquid funk, techstep, halfstep and minimal drum and bass sub genres. Then comes the experiments with mixing so as the result you han hear the “Space Odyssey” EP at Inception:Audio label that comes with 6 experimental dnb tracks: halfstep, straight and very broken drum loops, atmospheric and techno influenced sound and of course lots of subs.

You can find his music to be released at Inception:Audio, Kos.Mos Music, Cymbalism, Rubik Digital and Formation. And so many to come!

Plans for the future

So if you would like to listen to have a good party you can come to I Wannabe’s dj sets or invite him to your party (if you’re a promoter) and to have very different experience and sound voyage.

The plans for the nearest furure is to:

  • Run own drum and bass vinyl label called “Deviant Drums”. To release own music, collaborations and remixes by producers and artists Andrey loves the most
  • Run own radioshow/podcast/live broadcast about the drum and bass and jungle music
  • Produce lots of music
  • Make happen his music to be played with live band