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I Wannabe — «Stranger» EP [Ambra recordings]

Tracks preview:

I Wannabe – “Another”

I Wannabe – “Stranger”

I Wannabe – “Out Of This”

I Wannabe – “5 Minutes Older”

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Best drum and bass: I Wannabe at Clear Conceptions

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Proud Of Myself:

The Big F (Polina’s track)

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Sunchase / I Wannabe / Detail — 22:22 007 (Collaboration EP)

Best drum and bass: I Wannabe at Clear Conceptions

Tracks preview:

Sunchase & I Wannabe – Slice
(cut from Noisia Radio radioshow by Noisia)

Sunchase & I Wannabe – Kickserve
(cut from radioshow Luch at Megapolis FM)

Sunchase & I Wannabe – Top Spin (preview)


Drum and bass releases

  • «Helpless», VA — Kosmological Conspiracy LP [Kos.Mos Music] 2017
  • Stranger EP [Ambra] 2016
  • «The Bird» (feat. DJ SS), VA — Deepsound LP (vol.2) [Formation] 2016
  • Outlaw EP [Machinist Music] 2016

Drum and bass music was founded in 90s and stays as frontier of electronic music genres through all these decades. It evolves, mutates, merge and splits up – lives its own life.

As the result drum and bass counts numerous quantiny of genres: mainstream (pop), drumstep, ragga jungle (ragga drum n bass), breakcore, hardstep, darkstep, techstep, neurofunk, jump-up, ambient (dnb), atmospheric, intelligent, jazzy drum and bass or intelligent jungle, deep, jazzstep or jazzy jungle, liquid funk (liquid dnb music), drumfunk, funkstep, drill ‘n’ bass. All these genres are building it’s own atmosphere, it’s onw story about the bass and the drums.

For example mainstream, pop drum and bass or vocal drum n bass are the genre where melody, harmony of chords and vocals (not in the 100% of tracks but in most part of it) are placed infront of simply playing bass and drums. And in case of drill and bass the very complex drum patterns of different breaks change one another and that’s covered with souse of viscous long bass or stabs of sub that plays its own rhythm – reduced melody or harmony or simple atmosphere here takes part only in breakdowns of track.

Everyday loads of tracks being released by oldies of scene and new drum and bass artists. One of these guys who produce drum and bass is I Wannabe (real name Andrew Sirotkin) and if you’re still have not understood you’re surfing his official web-site. Here you can find the fullest info about releases, podcasts, radioshows, events, contact information and other activity made by I Wannabe.