Kos.Mos Music presents sampler of long play compilation by various artists titled “Kosmological Conspiracy”. Here’s some information about this release below.

Release cover

Microfunk music release cover
Microfunk music release cover

Microfunk music – general release info

Kos.Mos Music records releases V/A «Kosmological Conspiracy LP — Sampler 1» with two microfunk music tracks make in Ukraine and Russia.

Tracks from EP are made by artist that you may know also my other projects:

  • Bop — Microfunk crew, Abstract Elements
  • Electrosoul System — ESSL (Electrosoul System Live), Motorheadz
  • I Wannabe — Shade Of Drums

P.S. For those who’s not closely familiar to russian or/and microfunk music then in russian it’s called «гречафанк».


“Helpless was supported by:

  • Need For Mirrors
  • Electrosoul System
  • Take and Cutworx (Luch radioshow)
  • Chris Inperspective (Inperspective radioshow)
  • London Elektricity (Hospital podcast #327)

Release tracklist

  1. I Wannabe — Helpless
  2. Bop & Electrosoul System — Sunrise

Release Date

March 1, 2017


Listen cut of track from Hospital podcast by London Elektricity:

Listen preview of both tracks:


  1. 00:00 – 00:54 I Wannabe — Helpless
  2. 01:54 – 03:38 Bop & Electrosoul System — Sunrise

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Microfunk music by I Wannabe, Bop and Electrosoul System