Drum and bass remix by I Wannabe

Pluton & Skyer – You Belong To Me / Satellite Contact remixes EP

Label: Cymbalism Recordings
Genre: Drum And Bass

You Belong To Me (D-Region & Code remix)
You Belong To Me (Teksteppa remix)
Satellite Contact (I Wannabe remix)
Satellite Contact (Dethria remix)

Preview of drum and bass remix by I Wannabe

Release notes: This one is the remix made by I Wannabe. The original is the track by Pluton & Skyer called “Satellite Contact” which was previously released at Cymbalism records as 2 tracks EP. And now remixed and release as 4 tracks EP – two remixes for each track. Four remix artists tell their own vision of original tracks whick came with true quality music that Cymbalism provide.

Just beacause this is web-site of I Wannabe, we’ll write some more about his drum and bass remix. It’s a journey throught tender piano melody that changes with rought bass sounds. Deep atmosphere changes with straight techstep drums and powerful sub bass. The track was supported by Play Me records boss, dj and producer from LA Reid Speed.

And one more thing to mention. Mastering of this track was made by Alexander Pavlenko aka Sunchase.

Thanks for listening and reading this post!

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Drum and bass remix by I Wannabe