Experimental drum and bass definition

Experimental drum and bass – is sub genre of electronic music called drum and bass that is created with different from genres regular sounds or structure of track or patterns.

Introduction for “Space Odyssey” release

“Space Odyssey” is I Wannabe’s solo 6-tracks experimental drum and bass EP released at Inception Audio records. From deepest and minimal grooves to halfstep drum and bass drums driven tracks this release shows how different this music can sound.

Experimental drum and bass - Inception Audio

Inception Audio records

Inception Audio is UK based drum and bass label run by Displaced Paranormals (Dynamic and Kano). It releases music from 2012 and has in it’s catalog track from Sunchase, DBR UK, Data, Overlook, Gremlinz and NickBee.

“… we aim to create experimental, challenging and Λlien soundscapes that are truly not of this planet. Taking inspiration from dubstep, drum & bass, techno and science Fiction concepts, Inception:Λudio’s family of like-minded sound designers create music that ranges from the strangely uplifting to the downright disturbing.” (c) Quote taken from Inception Audio Soundcloud page.

Experimental drum and bass

Release info

  • Release date: Jun, 5 2017
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Style: Experimental drum and bass
  • Label: Inceptio Audio
  • Country: UK


  • Abducted
  • Black Swan
  • Kingsman
  • The Thing
  • Bad Radio Transmitter
  • Dark Matter

Tracks preview


Dub techno atmospheres over the 170 bpm broken beat with kicks, percussion, rides and no snares. Echo effects all over the track make is sound fast enough to be played even at the dance floor. And the sample of Ronald Reagan’s speech about aliens and their invasion makes all those sound to work all-in-one.

Black Swan


The Thing

Bad Radio

This track even not a drum and bass. At the speed of 170 bpm with halftime 4/4 beat layered with twisted break and and filled with techno sounds and atmosphere it sound more like experimental electronic then some music that could be somehow related to breakbeat.

Dark Matter

This release is available at major digital music stores as JunoDownload, TrackItDown and Beatport. Support the artist and label – buy the music!

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