There’s I Wannabe – “10” / “Dreams” EP is coming. It is going to be vinyl only release with 2 tracks by I Wannabe himself and 2 remixes by legendary Total Science and Commix.

The information will be added to this page during the process of this release production.


  • A1 “10”
  • A2 “10” (Total Science remix)
  • B1 “Dreams”
  • B2 “Dreams” (Commix remix)

For now only previews of 3 tracks are available for listening.


This time we want to make sure everyone who loves vinyl and loves those artists to be a part of production process, so we ran the co-funding campaign to everyone involved to have pre-order before pressing even starts.

Design is still in production and well have sketches during couple next weeks.

The cost of one copy is 10 euro plus shipping

Want to be involved? Send email at for status and payment details.

I Wannabe – 10 / Dreams EP (remixes by Total Science and Commix)
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