Chillout drum'n'bass: I Wannabe - Loved again / Alpha & Omega EP

Chillout drum n bass release by I Wannabe at Cymbalism recordings. Two tracks EP “Loved Again” / “Alpha & Omega” are solo tracks by written and produced by Andrew Syrotkin. Ten munutes EP (5:20 and 5:23 – mm:ss) is good choise for lovers of liquid funk drum’n’bass.

First track is dedicated to theme of love. Sounds for heart and soul that will flow you to your wishes and dreams about that man or woman that you love.

“Alpha & Omega” means everything. Everything that surrounds everyone of us. From microorganisms to deep space galaxies and black holes. That’s how it sound for I Wannabe – deep, melodical with flowing harmonies, that chillout drum n bass is good thing to relax and dream.

Release info and tracks review

Artist: I Wannabe
Release title: Alpha & Omega/Loved Again EP
Label: Cymbalism records
Cat number: Cymb17
Release Date: 1 january 2014
1.Alpha & Omega [5:23]
2.Loved Again [5:20]


DJ Gvozd [Pirate Station, Radio Record, RU]
DJ Rubens Lima [, BR]


Jose Carlos co-owner of Elektroshok records:
“nice release bro! good luck! ;)”

AM Time [Rough Division / Elektroshok, Suspect Device, Move it!]:

Thanks for listening!

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I Wannabe – Alpha & Omega / Loved Again EP (chillout drum n bass)