Listen preview of both track from release here (2 tracks in one audio file)

RELEASE DATE:  2012-11-19

LABEL: All Street Recordings


NOTES: Andrey Sirotkin (aka I Wannabe) from Ukraine, an artist who is growing everyday with his productions, already has several releases on labels and now on All Street Recordings, this single has 2 tracks “Back To Days With You / Love Potion” a more danceable and one more to listen and reflect, the tracks has been played by DJs as “Simplification / Jason Magin / Bailey / among others, buy yours now.

SUPPORT BY DJs: Simplification, Jason Magin, Bailey etc.

Track ‘Back to days with you’ (tagged as deep, liquid drum’n’bass) was featured by TrackItDown.

TrackItDown featuring notes:
Stunning delicate vibes that evolve into some jungle business.

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Liquid drum’n’bass: I Wannabe – ‘Back to days with you’ / ‘Love potion’ EP