I Wannabe - Scanning (remix, original by Bad Gibbonz)

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Brand new release by drum and bass producer I Wannabe!  Remix of track by Bad Gibbonz titled “Scanning”. Deep neuro drum and bass track with its own synthetic atmospere was remixed in dancefloor way to be played in clubs and gigs. This is the unique collaboration of sound that containg basses and atmospere of Bad Gibbonz re-arrenged with I Wannabe’s style groove.

Release info

LP title:  Space Depth LP – Episode 2
Label: You So Fat rec
Release date: Dec 8, 2014
Release notes: This is remix by I Wannabe (Andrey Sirotkin) of track “Scanning” by prodecers duo from Kiev Bad Gibbonz. Bad Gibbonz are Valerij Khilobok and Vladimir Modoz. “Scanning” remix is a mixture of deep atmospheric and minimalistic neurofunk styles.

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Bad Gibbonz – Scanning (I Wannabe remix)