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Another one track of drum and bass producer I Wannabe reaches music shops. This time it’s original mix of track called «The Agent». Track was produced by Andrew alone and then released at the Hungarian label called Black Seeds records. «The Agent» is released as one of for tracks at first part of Answer To Life LP.

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Release info:
LP title: Answer To Life LP – Part One
Label: Black Seeds rec
Cat#: BSDGTL042
Release date: 12nd May 2014

Release notes: This track is the mixture of beautiful melody and heavy bassline that come to change one with another during all track. Melancholic mood changes with agressive dry techstep drum’n’bass drums that definetly make you move.


Dj Gvozd [Pirate Station, ru]

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Techstep drum’n’bass: I Wannabe – The Agent